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Add Value. Engage Customers. Promote Your Brand.

Monumark combines a physical tag and GPS data with a sustainable website. It does more than just connect memorial and historic sites with stories and other information – it provides a powerful and purposeful way to add value to gravestones, engage customers and promote your brand at no cost to you.

The Benefits

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Low Cost

Lowest industry price with no minimums and no set-up cost.


Social Savvy

Give people something meaningful to share...and share they will.



Monumark resonates with today's customers - it just makes sense.

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Monumark is renewing interest in cemeteries and physical memorials.

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Stand Out

Resellers provide a unique service in a hard-to-differentiate industry.

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On Brand

As each Monumark is shared, so is your name, your work and brand.

How it Works

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A 1x1 inch aluminum Monumark tag is attached to a memorial by a Monumark provider.


The customer activates a Monumark by scanning the tag with a QR code scanning app or by entering the short url into a web browser.

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The customer is guided through tag activation. Text, photos and other information are added, creating a Monumark page.

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The Monumark page is shared with friends and family, generating more shares, likes and marketing for your brand.

Interested in a Trial? Have a few Questions?

We're looking for memorial providers who see the value in meaningful customer interactions and in promoting their work and brand with each memorial. Give customers a service that resonates with them – something they value, engage with, and will share with others.

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