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Mark the spot, share the Story. Record & share essential family information, and what they meant to you, their family, & friends.

Discover the stories around you. Monumark makes it easy to find the compelling stories and memorial & historic locations in your community.

Become a reseller. Give your monuments a new purpose: enable your customers to share their stories, and your community to discover them!

Write the Story. It only takes a few paragraphs to capture the essence of someone's life, where it took them, and what they meant to you.

Monumark QR code on gravestone.
Monumark Tag and Smart Phone

Monumark connects locations with stories.

It provides a powerful and purposeful means of remembering, preserving, and sharing. It can easily be added to new or existing monuments. Once activated, you can add the story, photos, GPS coordinates and more.

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Frank & Leslie Eichelberg

Frank & Leslie Eichelberg

As a young boy the seed of true love was planted between Frank and a young classmate named Leslie Jane Vermeulen. It wasn’t until they became reacquainted at their first high school reunion, however, that they began to date. They were both students at Michigan State at the time, but Frank was devastated when Leslie wanted to break up a bit later....

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At the cemetery or historic site...

By adding Monumark to a location, you share with others the stories and memories that are important to you, your family, and your community. Whether it’s a life story or a piece of local history, Monumark shares that information with visitors to the site. It works everywhere, whether it’s in a cemetery, on a landmark, or on a historic building.

At home...

No matter the time of day, the distance or the the weather, Monumark allows family, friends, & community members to visit the site using the Monumark Page to which it is connected. View the story & photos, and see the visits & memories left by others as well. Visit whenever you’d like, and share the page with your family, friends, and others.

Around your community...

Monumark makes it easy for others to discover, locate and visit the memorial or historic site. By preserving the exact GPS coordinates, the location will be included within the map of your community. Those nearby will not only be able to discover the story, but also visit and experience that location.