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Find a Monumark

Choose whatever method suits you, and come back to try another method if you don't find what you're looking for. If you're on a mobile device, you’ll want location services on and enabled for your browser.

Find Nearby Monumarks

Mobile users use this to instantly find nearby Monumark locations while in a cemetery or near a memorial or historic location. It requires an up-to-date web browser and location services to be enabled.

Browse the Map

Browse the map of all GPS-enabled Monumark locations. This map includes Monumarks which have had their GPS location recorded. It is great for finding interesting, historical & compelling stories in your area.

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Last Name Search

Enter a last name to search for and we'll find any Monumarks that match. The search is case-insensitive and currently only supports last name.

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View by Tag ID

If you know the Monumark ID number, you may enter it here to view the page directly. If the ID is invalid, we'll let you know.

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