What is Monumark

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Mark the Spot, Share the Story.

Monumark connects locations with stories. It provides a powerful and purposeful means of remembering, preserving, and sharing. It can easily be added to new or existing monuments. Once activated, you can add the story, photos, GPS coordinates and more.

Mark the Spot, Share the Story

Getting Started

Monumark tags are attached directly to a monument or historical site by a reseller. Simply scan the tag with a QR code scanning app or by entering the short url into a web browser.

If you’d like to purchase a Monumark, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Use Monumark to...

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Tell Their Story

Record and share essential family information. Tell others what this person meant to you, their family, and friends.


Share Your Memories

Share your photos and video. Capture the essence of their life, where it took them, their challenges, triumphs, and interests.


Preserve the Location

Designate the location with GPS, ensuring that the spot is never lost, and enabling others to find and visit easily.


Visit from Anywhere

No matter the time, distance, or weather, Monumark allows family and friends to visit the memorial and remember the story.

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Keep the Memory Alive

Share the memorial with others, encouraging them to learn, remember, and contribute their own memories and stories.


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After the initial year, for a Monumark to remain active, there is a yearly cost of $2.99. Monumark takes this sustainable approach for a number of important reasons. Read why.

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Find nearby Monumarks, browse all locations, or search by keyword.
Find a Monumark

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The story, images, and other information will continue to be accessible.
Renew a Monumark

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Simply scan the tag with a QR code scanning app or by entering the short url into a web browser.

Interested in becoming a Monumark provider and connecting customers with your brand?

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