Stories are the Center of Every Monumark

Whether it's a simple obituary, a life story, or a piece of history, Monumark enables you to preserve and share that story with others.

Add the obituary

Add the Obituary

Each Monumark often begins with an obituary. It's a great place to start, since obituaries are not only short but are also very common. Adding the obituary is often the easiest way to record and share the essential information about the person and their family. If you haven't already, take a minute to copy, paste, and submit the obituary below, adding it to the Monumark.

Write the Life Story

If you've already added the obituary, consider preserving and sharing the whole story of the life that was lived by writing the life story. Oftentimes, it only takes a few paragraphs to capture the essence of someone's life, where it took them, and what they meant to you, their family, and their friends.

The Life Story Writing Notes document below is intended to help you do just that. Download it to get started, and use it to complete the life story. When you're done, submit the story using the form below and it will be added to the Monumark to be remembered, preserved, and shared.

Life Story Writing Services

While everyone recognizes the power and importance of preserving and sharing a life story, not everyone is a natural writer. We've written thousands of stories, and would love to put our experience and care towards writing a story for your Monumark. Get a professionally written life story.