Get Started with Monumark

Monumark gets people sharing your monument and generates social media activity for your company. Apply it to your monuments and your customers will take it from there.

The Monumark is attached to the monument, linking it to a web page. It connects visitors to stories, photos and other information about a person’s life and makes the memorial accessible from anywhere.

How It Works

  1. The customer activates a Monumark by scanning the tag with a QR code scanning app or by entering the short url into a web browser.
  2. The customer is guided through tag activation. Text, photos and other information are added, creating a Monumark page.
  3. The Monumark page is shared with friends and family, generating more shares, likes and marketing for your brand.

The monument and your brand are part of the Monumark page experience for all visitors.

Example Monumark page.

Make Your Monuments & Your Brand More 'Shareable'

With Monumark, customers have a compelling reason to share your work and your brand with others.

Actual Monumark Page Example Data. Verify this data.

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