Mark the Spot, Preserve the Location

Adding GPS information to a Monumark is important - it ensures that the location is marked and preserved. This means that it can always be found by others, and enables the story to be shared regardless of technology or the presence of a physical tag.

Get GPS Coordinates - It's Easy!

Here are three of the easiest and most popular ways to get the GPS coordinates for a Monumark:

Google maps pin icon

Google Maps

Using Google Map’s Satellite View, navigate to the general location of the memorial. Then, right click on the exact location where the tag is located and select "What's here?" This will place the GPS coordinates of that location in the search bar for you to copy. Paste those coordinates in the form below.

GPS unit icon

GPS Receiver

While standing at the location, use a GPS device such as a Garmin or TomTom, or use a GPS-enabled Smartphone with a GPS App. Save the coordinates or write them down, then enter them into the form below, along with the tag ID number and other information.

Camera icon

GPS Camera

Using a GPS-enabled camera, take a picture of the location, embedding the coordinates within the image. Many smartphones also have this feature when GPS is turned on. Upload the image using the form below, which will add the image and the coordinates to the Monumark.

Smartphone with map and pin on screen