QR code on headstone

What is Monumark

Monumark is more than just a gravestone QR code. Broadly stated, Monumark combines physical markers and GPS data with a sustainable online service, connecting memorial and historical sites with stories and other information, and providing a powerful and purposeful means of remembering, preserving, and sharing. Said more simply, each Monumark marks a location and allows visitors to access more information related to that location. It also works the other way around, allowing online visitors to locate and experience the physical location that has been marked. Said even more simply, Monumark marks a spot, and shares a story!

Our Simple & Sustainable Business Model

Monumark has been setup with a business model that is quite different from other similar solutions out there, and it's important for resellers and customers to understand the reasons why. Monumark is priced very low, and this cost includes all features of a Monumark for the initial year of service. After that, for a Monumark to remain active, it is a yearly cost of $2.99 per year. Monumark is founded on this approach for a number of important reasons:

  1. It is authentic. This model is built for the long term, while being open and direct with the fact that nothing, not even a granite monument, lasts forever. (In contrast, it would be misleading to accept a one-time payment and present service as infinite and/or indefinite.)
  2. It is responsible. This model accounts for the reality of ongoing costs. (In contrast, it would be irresponsible to provide a perpetual service using a business model that failed to account for perpetual costs.)
  3. It is sustainable. By accepting payment only a year at a time, this model ensures ongoing service to existing customers, regardless of new sales. (In contrast, accepting a one-time payment for indefinite and/or perpetual service would inherently leverage the service of existing customers on the prospect of ever-growing future sales.)
  4. It promotes innovation and service. We're in a position of ongoing accountability to our current customers, seeking to continually improve and develop new features and maintain great service. (In contrast, accepting a one-time payment for indefinite/perpetual service would, out of necessity, value new sales over steady innovation and ongoing service for current customers.)
  5. It affirms the multifaceted value of Monumark. When added to a monument, Monumark notifies customers of monument completion and updates, preserves the monument's location, and gives the customer the opportunity to share the story (and the monument itself) with many more people. For resellers, Monumark provides the lowest-cost way to engage customers beyond the first week or two after delivery, to increase brand awareness, to market their brand beyond the immediate customer, and to support the value of cemeteries, monuments, and a designated 'final resting place.' Every Monumark – including those active for a single year – delivers on this front-end value.